How Much Does the Roof Renovation Cost?

Of course we cannot give you a concrete estimate, also because everything depends on the type of intervention, the size of the roof, the materials chosen and many other variables. Despite this, we can say with certainty that the renovation of the roof can be accompanied by high costs. However, we can look at this intervention not only as something necessary for our well-being and for the safety of the property: it will be a real investment .

In fact, a quality cover made ad hoc can lead to great energy savings. It can also guarantee lower maintenance costs, both internal and external, extraordinary and ordinary. who can propose more diversified solutions and able to fully meet individual needs and various budgets .

The roof structure
When it comes to roof refurbishment, it is useful to know that you can choose between different types of structures: wood, concrete and steel. Clearly, each of these turns out to be more or less suitable for a specific type of context and building. In addition to this, before moving on to the renovation and contacting a professional, it is useful to know that the roof is composed of two main areas: the small frame and the large frame .

The latter represents the supporting structure, and therefore includes various supports and support points. The small frame is instead constituted by the support base for the cover. It is therefore composed of horizontal currents and vertical rafters, which will be suitably fixed to the other structure. In others, however, the type of work to be performed may be different and less expensive.

A choice to make when deciding to redo the roof
In addition to the aesthetic aspect, and therefore the shape and type of tiles or roofing, ventilated roof or non-ventilated roof ? In this regard, it is useful to say that ventilation is very important to keep the roof insulation panel in good condition. It also facilitates adequate air exchange and greater comfort in indoor environments.

In addition, if the roof is ventilated, it remains dry in the winter months and does not allow condensation to form. Conversely, an unventilated roof can encourage mold growth and promote increased humidity levels within the structure. That said, it is clear that a ventilated roof is always the best solution.

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