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Metal Roofing And Fire Protection


In Australia, bushfires are a way of life and unfortunately this means that properties are often in danger. Designing homes with fire protection in mind, is highly important in many parts of the country and like many other things, this starts from the top. Fire safe roofing is not a new concept, with the various materials available making your home more or less safe. Roofs often collect debris and are close to tall trees too, making them one of the first points of contact in a fire. Metal roofing is an industry leader in fire protection, and toady we’re going to look at a few reasons why.

The Fire Retardant Option

This is where metal gets its first advantage – in the nature of the material alone. Many modern metal roofs are considered leaders in fire safety, and products such as aluminium are recommended to protect your home from fires. In some cases, a fire retardant material on your roof will also lower your insurance premiums in high-risk areas. 

A Lightweight Solution

One of the more favored products in fire-safe roofing is undoubtedly tiles. Tile roofing has many advantages when it comes to protecting to your home but there is also an obvious drawback. Most tile products are heavy. Aside from making them harder to install, this means tiles are also more likely cave in. Metal on the other hand is lightweight but durable, making it less likely to collapse in the case of a house fire. 

Easy to Install

If you’re looking to update your fire security at home this summer, then investing in metal roofing is one the easiest things you can do. Metal roofing can often be installed over your existing roof, saving time and money, and it is also an eco-friendly option, helping you to look after the environment. All of these factors, coupled with its fire-retardant qualities, make it a great option to protect your home this summer. 

A Few Other Things to Consider

The Hamilton Roofing team believes in a safety-first approach when it comes to your roof. While metal roofing is a great place to start, there are still a number of preventative measures you can take. These include making sure that your roof and gutters are free from debris, and ensuring that surrounding trees and foliage don’t get too close to your home.

You can learn more about building in a bushfire prone area in Queensland from this government webpage, or you can click here, to learn more about clearing vegetation from around your property. 

To inquire about upgrading to a metal roof for your home around South East Queensland, get in touch with our team for a quote online or call us on 07 5598 4127.

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