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How To Take Care Of Your Roof In The Summertime


Summertime is fast approaching once again and that means beaches, ice creams, and plenty of creative ways of keeping cool. While you’re fanning yourself down with a wet flannel take a moment and look up at your roof. While it may seem like a large unflappable structure, your roof needs caring for, especially in the warmer months – and it doesn’t get much warmer than Australia, particularly in areas like South East Queensland.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to summer roof care, including how to keep cool, the best option in the sun, and of course, how your roof responds to fire dangers. Let’s examine some of those elements now, and determine the best way to beat the heat.

Can Your Roof Keep You Cool

While it isn’t directly related to roof care, choosing a roof that best deals with the heat is ideal for caring for your home as a unit. If you want a roof that will work hand in hand with your air conditioner – and even help it out – there’s no better option than a metal roof. Upgrading to a metal roof can save you on cooling costs, because metal reflects the heat of the day, rather than letting it in like many other roofs can.

Keep Your Roof Clean

One of the easiest ways to care for your roof in summer is to keep it clear of debris. There are plenty of dry leaves and other debris that can land on your roof in summer, which can easily end up in your gutters if you’re not careful. When it comes to winter and the rain starts coming down, this could cause nasty surprises for you in the form of water damage, leaks and more.

Invest in Excellent Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for your roof cavity, especially in the warmer months. A build-up of heat in your home is sure to lead to higher energy costs, and it can also lead to moisture in your home. A build-up of moisture can lead to damage in your roof, as well as throughout the home, threatening the structure of your home as an entire unit.

Enjoy the Sunshine, and Let Your Roof Enjoy it too

During the colder months it’s easy to put off your home maintenance projects – both DIY and professional ones. So when the sun does come out, make sure you get any lingering roof repairs taken care of. This could include damaged roof tiles and wear and tear that’s occurred over the seasons and the years. Remember to always examine your roof carefully. Some job will be fine for DIY purposes while others will need the help of a professional.

A Word on Fire Danger

Fires are an unfortunate reality in Australia. If you live in an area that’s prone to fire damage, or even if you want to protect against the unlikely, your roof is a good place to start. In the summer, when fires are more likely, make sure you keep your roof and gutter free of debris, clear excess trees from around your roof and invest in a roofing product like metal that is more likely to protect your roof against fire.

If you’re going to clean your roof this summer, make sure you stay safe and keep hydrated. If you need a professional to take care of some installations or repairs, contact Hamilton Roofing online for assistance or call us on 07 5598 4127. Our roofing specialists in South East Queensland can take care of any job for you.

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