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What a beautiful day it’s turned out to be after a bit of a wet start!  Whilst we were waiting for everything to dry out, all the staff and Contractors used the time this morning to share breakfast and coffee while updating all our paperwork with our Contractors.  Facilitating this process were the lovely Jessica and Stephanie from Certica.  If you haven’t heard of Certica, please check them out on!

It is common in our industry as a Roofing Company to use Subcontractors to perform the labour, and what is absolutely essential is to ensure that all Subcontractors are compliant in all required areas of their profession, including relevant legislation, statutory obligations, insurance, safety, and so on.

We at Hamilton Roofing pride ourselves in our professionalism, which encompasses everything from the quality of materials used, the quality of workmanship onsite, abiding by all relevant legislation and guidelines, and the quality of the coffee served to our clients when you pop in to say hello!

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