5 Creative Ideas to Brighten Your Room

Home is home but your room is your nest. It is where you spend time with yourself to regain peace and energy. It is important that this space is kept alight. Whether you have a big or a small space, there are a number of ways to brighten your room. Here are 5 creative ideas that you can use to lift and brighten your room.


Mirrors can brighten and open up a room. The smallest room can look less suffocating with mirrors. Mirrors can brighten up a room by bouncing light. Place your mirrors where light can reflect off of them. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you add a single big mirror. You can add two or even more. You can work with different frames, shapes and sizes. Along with opening up a space, they add elegance to the view.


Lighting can make all the difference. It has the power to determine the atmosphere. Mixed lighting can add dimension to the space. Bright and low lights can be planned according to the openness and tightness of the space. As mentioned above, arranged with mirrors lighting can make a room look open and bright. You can also make use of lamps. Add bedside lamps according to the size of your bed. Pop a string or two of fairy lights on your curtain, dressing mirror or bed. You can add rope lights around your furniture, for instance around the frame of the bed where it touches the wall.


Colors have a way of opening and brightening up a space too. They affect our mood as well. A small space can look opened up with light and bright colors. Staying in whites too is an option. For instance yellow can make a room appear fresh and bright and even lift up your spirits. No need to get all walls done. A single or two will also do. You can even go for patterns like stripes. Don’t opt for a dark color. If your space is not very open you shouldn’t opt for dark colors as they will make the space look darker and smaller.


Curtains have a huge impact on the overall look of the room. They basically give the space some personality. To make your space look bright, go for double curtains. A flowy rear curtain in a light pastel shade, with a darker shade of the same color in front of it can look heavenly. You can even go for a single flowy curtain in a pastel shade if your window is not too exposed. This way the maximum light can enter your room and make it look alight till sunset.


French and glass doors, owing to their elegance and style can open up a space too. Adding glass through these can give the impact of a wider space and take more advantage of all the lighting, thus making the room look brighter. house builders canberra can work on more options like Transom windows which can quite literally open up a space. 

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