Is Your Roof Suitable For Solar Panels?


Solar panels are increasingly a consideration for home owners when completing home renovations. Even if you aren’t currently thinking about installing solar PV panels to generate your own electricity at home, this may be a consideration in the future and not all types of roofs are equally suitable. Here are five things to consider when preparing your roof for solar panels.

1. Orientation

North-facing roofs are better suited to solar panels, as the sun will be overhead for longer periods during the day. East- and west-facing roofs may still be suitable, but south-facing roofs will greatly reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

2. Angle

Solar panels achieve the greatest performance on roofs angled between 10 and 45 degrees. Panels may be fixed to tilting brackets if your roof angle is not ideal.

3. Shade

If there are trees, buildings or other structures blocking light from hitting your roof, you should consider whether these can be removed or if the solar panels need to be relocated to another location in your home.

4. Strength

Solar panels can place a strain on roofs, especially in larger quantities, so you will need to be confident that your roof is sturdy enough to support the weight. The solar panel specialist will advise whether your roof is strong enough and whether extra supports will be needed.

5. Material

Additional metal brackets will need to be installed if you have a tiled roof, which will increase the cost of the total installation. Brackets are not normally required for metal roofs.

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